20 km


2°- 3°


4 hours (with a break)


6 hours

A very interesting and attractive lower course of the Una River.

This is an easier adrenaline fun in beautiful nature, during which you go downriver towards Bosanska Krupa, a small river town.

An exciting tour is suitable for all ages, for the elderly as well as for families with children.

The river flow is fast due to the large number of small sedimentary cascades and waterfalls that provide an incredible adventure experience.

This Rafting 3 trip has the same characteristics as Rafting R2, but here, your stay on the River Una is longer.

Rafting can be organized every day. If you are traveling and want to go rafting, there is a gathering every day at 10 am at the Una Kiro Rafting Center Camp, with a prior announcement.

If you are interested only in rafting, the price for rafting R3 is 37 EUR.

With the agreement, all the arrangements can be extended, combined and similar.

The rafting price includes:
– The top equipment
– An experienced and licensed guide
– Entrance to the National Park
– All the transfers from the start point and return from the finish
– All tourist taxes, insurance and VAT.

For all water activities, it is necessary to have:
– Water shoes (swim shoes, sneakers, and sandals)
– A T-shirt
– Swimming trunks (a swimsuit) or shorts