We take you to Una National Park.
Bring your cameras as we go to the most attractive parts of the national park, where you will have a memorable experience. The breathtaking beauty of nature!

Departure time: 10 am (from the Una Kiro Rafting Camp / kayaking center)
Program duration: 6 hours
Time of return: approx. until 4pm
Minimum number of persons: 4

Necessary to bring: shorts, hat, T-shirt, sandals or sports shoes, sunscreen, water.

45 €
per person

The price includes:
- Transport to Martin Brod - ŠtrbaČki buk - Rafting center
- Lunch in Kulen Vakuf or Una Kiro Rafting Center
- Guide services
- VAT and tickets for the national park

Discount for students and larger groups

Una National Park is rich with beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna (which exist only in this part of the planet).

Una NP encompasses the area of the canyon part of the upper course of the Una River downstream of Lohovo, then the area of the canyon part of the lower course of the Unac River, from its mouth at Una upstream to Drvarsko Polje, as well as the intermediate space between Una and Unac. The Park covers 19.800 hectares.

In 2008, Una National Park was founded.

For true nature lovers and sports fishing enthusiasts, Una National Park provides fishing activities in certain parts of Una, Unac and Krka watercourses.

There are three fishing districts:
– Three districts for fly fishing
– Two fishing districts for the fishing by spinning (blinker and moth) and by water ball with an artificial fly
– One fishing district where fishing is possible using the water ball method with three dry flies

The species represented in the mentioned districts are:
1. Stream trout – to be fished during the period of 01. 03. – 30. 09.
2. Grayling – which is fished in the period of 01. 05. – 30. 09.

Period from 1 October to 28 February is the time of closed season in all fishing districts of Una National Park.

There are 60 species of mammals in the national park that inhabit beautiful landscapes.
Highlights are protected mammal species, sensitive bat species; three big beasts – a wolf, lynx and a bear; as well as a large group of beasts – otters, badgers, weasels and ermine.

It is enough for you to come and experience the true beauty by walking through Una National Park.
See more at: http://nationalpark-una.ba/bs/